Resources for DACA and Undocumented Individuals

Tools to Defend Your Rights

Know your rights as an immigrant! This is a helpful link from the National Immigration Project.

Low-Cost and Free Legal and Humanitarian Support

Southwest Asylum and Migration Institute (SAMI), in Las Cruces, provides quality low cost and free legal immigration representation and humanitarian support. SAMI represents those fleeing violence from Mexico, Central America, and beyond and those living in the shadows inside the United States. SAMI also represents DREAMers who entered the U.S. before age 16 without proper documentation.  Contact Crystal Massey at

Mexican Government Outreach

The Mexican government has released an 11-point plan to assist Mexican immigrants living in the United States. You can find it here (in Spanish).​

General Resources

This link gets you to the DACA/undocumented student page from the Chicanco Studies program at NMSU. Some resources here may be helpful.